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Vanessa Lemesre
 Lens (Francia)


En este momento me encuentro en búsqueda activa de empleo. Busco trabajo de profesor de frances. Estoy dispuesta a trabajar en cualquier parte de Francia. Estoy disponible para trabajar en cualquier horario, incluido fines de semana, por turnos, etc. Incorporación inmediata. Aceptaría cualquier tipo de contrato incluyendo la posibilidad de trabajar como autónomo.

Otros datos

Puedo aportar referencias de anteriores trabajos. PERSONAL INFORMATION Vanessa Lemesre

16 Rue de l\'Université, 62300 LENS (France)


Skype vanessa.lemesre

Sex Female | Date of birth 01/03/1989 | Nationality French

JOB APPLIED FOR French teacher


03/08/2014–20/08/2014 Manager: Linguistics travels
CAP MONDE, Camborne, (United Kingdom)
- To communicate with the host families, the office in Paris and the local Coordinator: Barnstaples, Bristol and Camborne.
- To manage a budget.
- To write students reports.
- To ensure students security.
- To check the provision of teaching and activities services.

20/07/2014–02/08/2014 Manager: Disabled adults camps
Association des Paralysés de France, Guérande (France)
- To recruit 5 volunteers and look after 6 adults with motor deficiencies.
- To provide some specific trainings: handling, security, medical.
- To manage a budget.
- To write staff and disabled adults reports.
- To communicate with the families, the charity in Paris, the nurse.
- To negotiate the price and tourist services.
- To ensure the security and well-being of people.

04/07/2014–19/07/2014 Group leader: Linguistics travels
SILC, Cardiff, (United Kingdom)
- To communicate with the International team and the office in Angoulême.
- To ensure students security in the residence.
- To write a diary.
- To attend some meetings.
- To participate to activities.
- To attend a teaching training with the ELAC Course: Monitoring a classroom.
- To encourage the students to speak English and mingle with the others nationalities in the residence.
- To look after the students regarding the medical part.

31/05/2014–20/06/2014 French teacher/ Special teacher
Euro Languages College, Galway, Éire/Ireland
- To teach French.
- To prepare the students to the Leaving Cert.
- To create some Language Rich Activities.
- To organise some artistic activities: The Festival de Cannes and the Eurovision.
- To participate to some cultural activities: The murder mystery, Ceili.
- To communicate with the managers and the teaching coordinator.
- To write students reports.
- To make an inventory: Teaching aids.

14/02/2014–20/02/2014 English teacher
Centre d\'Echanges Internationaux, Jura (France)
- To teach English in a winter camp «English Dog sledging".
- To write students reports.
- To attend some meetings with the Group Leaders and the managers.
- To participate to activities.

10/12/2012–20/06/2013 Social Accompanying adult
Down Up, Arras (France)
- To accompany Down Syndrome people.
- To ensure good relations between generations.
- To talk to classes about disability and the charity.
- To attend some meetings about the professional world and disability, Down Syndrome.
- To organise social evenings.

01/10/2010–28/06/2012 French Teaching Assistant
Presentation College (Galway) and Newpark Comprehensive School ( Dublin), (Ireland)
- To teach French from the 1rst year to the Leaving Cert ( 11- 18 years old).
- To encourage students to speak French.
- To prepare some students to The European Degree of French A1 B1 according to the CECRL.
- To manage a theatre activity with the European Section.
- To participate to a French/ Scientific project with the Alliance Française, UCD and the French Embassy in Dublin.
- To organise a meeting with François Sarano, Film-Documentary Océans.
- To teach special-needs students (one to one) working with the Special-needs assistant.
- To work with the Home Economics Teacher: French and cooking.

15/07/2012–30/07/2012 Social Accompanying Adult
Evad\' Tours, Morzine (France)
- To write the educational project.
- To recruit 5 group leaders and manage 25 adults.
- To manage a budget.
- To write reports.
- To look after the adults concerning the medical part.
- To communicate with the coordinator, the families, the counsellors.
- To negotiate the price and tourist services.


20/10/2007–20/07/2010 English degree in Literature, Civilisation and translation
Université d\'Artois, Arras (France)
- Irish Civilisation and Literature.
- American Civilisation and Literature.
- British Civilisation and Literature
-¨Phonetics and linguistics.
- Educational training: 1 month Internship Collège Jean Jaurès and teaching theory.
- To write a commentary in English and French.

02/09/2005–03/07/2007 Baccalauréat Littéraire
Lycée Henri Darras, Liévin (France)


Mother tongue(s) French

Listening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production
English B2 C2 C1 C1 B2
Training in Barcelona: Certificate French as a Foreign Language.
Training in Blackrock co. Dublin: Certificate French as a Foreign Language.
Training in Orléans: Special-needs activities.
Cambridge Assessment in Dun Laoghaire: English C1.
Levels: A1/A2: Basic user - B1/B2: Independent user - C1/C2: Proficient user
Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

Communication skills Charity: communication with others volunteers, writing articles using the Facebook Page and the website, collecting money, giving a report on a charity political meeting.
Travels: working with teenagers and helping them to mingle with people.
Disability: working and volunteering with people with motor et mentally deficiencies.
Excellent contact with artists: L\'être lieu, The Irish Trad Fest Dublin, The International Puppet Festival, The Irish Architecture Festival, The Pavilion Theatre: Dun Laoghaire co.Dublin, Arsène and the Cultural service of \'Université d\'Artois.

Organisational / managerial skills I have been working a manager for two years each summer: in the UK and France: From 6 to 25 people.
Recruitment of volunteers and employees in the social and linguistics area.
To manage a budget in summer camps.
Negotiation with the tourist services.
Communication with Amnesty International Galway: Volunteer chairwoman in the choir Sonke Multicultural Choir in Galway from 2010 to 2011.

Job-related skills I had been working with teenagers to advise them about the degrees at university.
I have been keeping in touch with some students willing to study and work abroad.

Computer skills Word.
Social Networks.

Other skills First Aid Certificate
One of the 200 nominees in France of \'Institut du Service Civique in France from May 2013 to May 2014: To attend national meeting: Debating about Politics and talking about projects.
Writing: Poetry, songs.
Theatre: One of the actresses of the International Theatre Festival at university: Musical theatre from 2008 to 2010.
Singing: Chorister and soloist.
Reading: Reading committee at university from 2007 to 2010.