Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Fátima Mateo,
although you can see my CV below, I wanted to introduce myself personally. At the moment I am in active job search.

I am writing to express my interest in one position
your company is seeking to fill which my

professional characteristics.
As the enclosed Curriculum Vitae demonstrates
accessible by, I have extensive experience in customer service , general
administrative duties  and
office management. Although much of my work experience was gained from working
in Seville-based companies , It was through these I gained valuable experience
in dealing with international clients and the use of my various languages  skills were often called upon.

While studying for my business
administration degrees at the University of Seville,  I completed numerous courses in accounting and computer skills . I
also did some translation work. I am available to work at any time,
including weekends, shift, etc.

As a native Spanish speaker , I also have a high level
of English, plus an understanding of Italian and Spanish Sign
Language.  I have lived in England, the USA and Holland, so I have
no  problem with traveling and relocating.

I am confident I have both the
technical and personal skills you seek to fill this sort of employment and I
would appreciate discussing my background with you further. 
Thank you, and I look forward
to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely,

 Fátima Mateo 

I can provide  references from previous jobs.  Immediate incorporation. Driver License “B”  


View CV attached
Several companies


View CV attached
Several centers


Puedo aportar referencias de anteriores trabajos. Dispongo de carnet de conducir B. EDUCATION
Work place Risk Prevention Specialist (Intermediate level). AV Gerencia Preventiva Seville, 2003
UNIVERSIDAD DE SEVILLA University of Business Administration Seville, 1998
Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration

PROFESSIONAL FORMATION INSTITUTE CRUZ DEL CAMPO School of Business Administration Seville, 1991/6
Completed coursework in Business Administration and Computer Applications

Consejería de Empleo y Desarrollo Tecnológico, Junta de Andalucía
*Secretary / Assistant . Seville, 2012
* Technical Environmental Management
* Technical Risks Prevention : Security Conditions. Seville, 2011
* Quality Consultant II: Certification .
* Technical Audits Occupational Health and Safety.
* Ergonomic & Psychosocial Work Risk Prevention specialist .
* Personal and professional Leadership course Seville 2010
* Systems Quality Management.
* Business Creation and Management Seville 2005
* Manager of Social Economy Companies. Seville, 2002/03
* Accounting/Accounting Software Programs . Seville 2001
English as a Foreign Language Several Languages Schools Seville, 1986/02

English as a Foreign Language Surrey County Godalming/Sutton England, 1997

Dutch as a Foreign Language C.Hispanohablantes Amsterdam , Holland 2008

Spanish Sign Language. A.C.I.S.O Seville, 2011

Italian as a Foreign Language . Augusta Pozzoli , Private Clases Seville , 2013-15


Technical System of Quality Management
 3D Pest Control, S.L. ( Pest Control Industry ) Seville,. 2010

Technician in Occupational Risks Management
 National Institute of Hygiene & Safety ( I.N.S.H. ) Seville,. 2004

Customer Service / Receptionist / Administrative / Secretary
 Madezu / Macar (Agriculture Machinery ) Seville , 2015
 Publicaciones Digitales, S.A. (Global services for the publishing industry) Seville, 2007/8
 Fedeme, Asema , S.A. (Agriculture Machinery Association ) Seville, 2007
 Grenco Iberica, S.A. (Refrigeration & Service “Land & Marine” ) Seville, 2005/6
 Digit & Suit, S.L. ( Audiovisual Production ) Seville, 2005
 Agrinsur , S.A. (Agriculture Machinery ) Seville, 2005/8
 Open English Master Spain S.A ( Education ) Seville , 2002
 Codhiand, SL (Office Materials & Supplies “Toshiba” ) Seville, 1998-2001


Administrator of family estate building (4 Residences) Seville, 2003/15

Food & Beverage Assistant

 Bar La Canasta ,Kenedy´s Irish Pub , Horno San Buena Aventura Seville
 Tapas Bar Català Amsterdam

Hostess (Events : U2 Concert , Davis Cup, Book Fair and Weddings) Seville

Child care & Teaching ( School Monitor )

 Aramark - Schools : Tablada / Colegio Padre Majón / Colegio Gines Sevilla
Au-pair Seville, England, Amsterdam
Flamenco Dance Teacher “Sevillanas” Seville

LANGUAGES Spanish Native English Advanced Sign Spanish Language Basic/Intermediate
Italian Basic

COMPUTING Office, Windows, Internet, Outlook, Lotus organizer, Facturaplus, Contaplus.SAP, Eclipse A.S.,

TYPING 250 cpm

HOBBIES Travelling, Flamenco, Dance, Music, Languages, Learning new interesting things like travelling and learning about and adapting to new places and cultures.

Otros datos

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