Although at the moment I'm working, I believe my skills and qualifications allow me to aspire to a job with more responsibility than I have now. Paperwork, Bartender and waiter call center. I'd be willing to work anywhere in the Dominican Republic and also abroad. Immediate incorporation. Accept any contract except as autonomous.


08/2013Auxiliar de Empaque
Instituto Dermatologico cirugia de la piel Huberto Bougart Diaz


, The Private English,
Fundacion INPRET
school English OFJuan ...


The first thing is, I always meet my schedule, not a lot of information but I'm good on the computer and learn fast I have no problem with the people responsible that part of it ceases to be my own boss to tell you as I am, I intend to go to college to study engineering in system I by Don King and thank God I've never studied Draw. Study English also, I read correctly, I write more or less, I mean 10% 8% .I love the idea of working together.I dont have expirince working in hoteleria y turismo but i teach fast when i took this cursos the teacher did teach all of necesesary.

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