En este momento me encuentro en búsqueda activa de empleo. Conversation Partner. Estoy dispuesto a trabajar en cualquier parte de Spain. Estoy disponible para trabajar en cualquier horario, incluido fines de semana, por turnos, etc. Incorporación inmediata. Aceptaría cualquier tipo de contrato incluyendo la posibilidad de trabajar como autónomo.


05/2014 - 09/2014Set up of big top tents


Dispongo de carnet de conducir Full Car License. I see myself as a hard-working and motivated person that is adaptable and confident. I am looking to extend my work experience and learn new skills. My spoken Spanish for the time being is basic, currently getting lessons 2-3 times a week. I enjoy working and incorporating fun into it, while also setting goals and achieving them to a high, satisfying standard. My main objective is to successfully secure a job and live in Spain.
So all in all I have a strong work ethic coupled with a healthy and common sense approach to the work life balance. Great insight into the team dynamic and also capable of individual tasks.

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